With Social Security Disability, seriousness of the condition is important, not the diagnosis

Sometimes I get a new client calling to inquire about social security disability benefits because the have been diagnosed with diabetes, or MS, or fibromyalgia, or any medical diagnosis of a medical condition.  I think some clarification is needed about what the Social Security Administration (SSA) and/or the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) consider in awarding or denying an applicant social security disability benefits.

It is important to know that it is not the diagnosis itself that is disabling.  It is not the diagnosis that wins you benefits.  A diagnosis does not make you eligible for social security disability.  Million of people have diabetes.  However, many are fully functional and have real good control over their diabetes condition.  They work every day, and in fact their diabetic condition, since it is controlled, really does not impact them on a daily basis.  Then there are others, who despite medical intervention, are significantly limited in daily activities, experience significant neuropathy, irritability, excess and unexplained weight loss, blurred vision, and/or experience other medical conditions as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.

As you can see, two individuals can have the same medical diagnosis, but that medical condition may affect them in completely different ways.  That is precisely what SSA and the SSA ALJ is looking for in application consideration — the extent or severity of the condition.  The  severity of the symptoms related to the condition are extremely important to flesh out with your doctor and to discuss with your attorney.  The severity of symptoms is what would impact your daily activities and your ability to perform won on a sustained basis, 8 hours per day at 40 hours per week.  That is why it is critical you discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor. Your doctor provides detailed medical records base don your visits and those records are critical in social security disability cases.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.