Attorney Mark Buterbaugh is a Shippensburg Workers Comp Lawyer abnd also represents disabled clients for Shippensburg Social Security Disability.

Attorney Mark A. Buterbaugh, a Shippensburg Workers Comp Lawyer, represents injured workers and disabled clients in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Attorney Buterbaugh has recovered millions of dollars in workers comp settlements and workers comp wage loss benefits for injured workers as a Shippensburg Workers Comp Lawyer.  Attorney Buterbaugh also opened a Mooney Law office in downtown Shippensburg located at 34 West King Street, Shippensburg, directly across from Pague & Fegan Hardware store.

Attorney Buterbaugh knows Shippensburg.  He has lived in the Shippensburg area since 1994.  Attorney Buterbaugh has also been quite active in the Shippensburg community, serving as President of the Shippensburg School Board, having been elected in 2013, previously serving on Shippensburg Borough Council, and on the  Board of Directors of  Shippensburg Produce and Outreach, that helps provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the Shippensburg needy.

Shippensburg is booming with vast growth along Interstate 81 at both  Exit 24 and Exit 29 with Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing facilities, and Assembly Line facilities.  Some of those distribution centers are:

Procter & Gamble Shippensburg

Georgia Pacific Shippensburg

Ryder Shippensburg

Schreiber Foods Shippensburg

Volvo Manufacturing Shippensburg

JLG Manufacturing Shippensburg

With that growth comes more work injuries in the workplace.  That is why you need an experienced and proven Shippensburg Workers Comp Lawyer.  You can read our Warehouse Common injuries post here.   Economic growth has also led to more Shippensburg work injuries in construction work injuries, truck accidents, fork lift injuries, and more.  The growth continues along the Olde Scotland Road in Franklin County and the Walnut Bottom Road in Cumberland County.

No matter the work injury, Attorney Buterbaugh and Mooney Law are  ready to fight for and protect your workers compensation benefits.  Call today at 833-MOONEYLAW or visit us at   Mooney Law ALWAYS offers FREE consultation for Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Social Security Disability, and all Personal Injury.