Pennsylvania workers comp settlements are important to injured workers.  That is why is is extremely critical for a Pennsylvania injured worker to have experienced, trusted and proven legal representation to negotiate with insurance companies and employers.  Mooney Law has recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured workers throughout Pennsylvania.  Injured workers know they can Count on Mooney!

When should I settle my workers comp claim?  It is a frequent question that is asked, and it differs case to case.  All cases, facts, circumstances, medical situations, and status of the legal procedure of the case are different. What is critical to know is Pennsylvania Workers Comp settlements are final.  Once you settle your case, it can never be reopened.  That is why it is absolutely critical to have an experienced Pennsylvania workers comp lawyer on your side.

These type of factors should be considered.

If you:

  1. Have been on workers compensation benefits for six or more months?
  2. Have a treating doctor telling you that you will never do your pre-injury job again or has provided you permanent work restrictions?
  3. Are tired of the workers compensation hassle?
  4. Are totally disabled from the work injury?
  5. Your doctor has told you that you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI)?
  6. Are out of work because of your injury, but have been laid off, terminated, or your employer closed?

If any of these apply, then it doesn’t hurt to get a FREE settlement evaluation from Mooney Law.

Settling a Workers Comp claim can be complex.  It isn’t just about the money. What about your future health care costs? What about future, scheduled treatment? What about private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare liens in which they may have paid for work related expenses? What about out of pocket medical expenses you paid?  What about any other potential offsets you may have to pay back?  Insurance carriers will try and skirt these expenses as well as short change you on lump sum amounts. You get one shot to settle your claim. One shot only! Once it is settled, it is done, forever.

Just because you fit into one of the six criteria above may not make a Workers Comp settlement right for you. We can help answer your questions regarding settlement.   It costs nothing to get your questions about a potential Workers Comp settlement answered.  Contact Mooney Law for your FREE consultation at 1-833-MOONEYLAW or 717-200 HELP.  Visit our law firm on the web at

We have fourteen offices throughout Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland for your convenience.  Attorney Mark Buterbaugh, a managing partner at Mooney Law assists Pennsylvania injured workers and Maryland injured workers.  Don’t settle for less.  Count on Mooney.  Find our what your case is worth.  For free.  Call Mooney Law today.