Chambersburg gaining 90 new jobs

The Chambersburg, Pennsylvania area will gain 90 new jobs soon.  Olympic Steel is expanding their business and plans to add 90 new jobs to the area. Founded in 1954, Olympic Steel Inc. has had a facility located in Chambersburg since 1999. It provides customer-focused, state-of-the-art machining, welding, plate processing, warehousing and distribution services to local equipment manufacturers.  The local economy continues to enjoy new job growth in one of Pennsylvania's most rapidly growing counties.  Earlier this year, we learned that…

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The Work Injury Notice Requirement

Often I field questions on what is proper timing for Notice to be given to the employer that a person has been injured at work. First, what does notice mean?  Actually quite simple, your Employer can not begin investigation of your injury claim or even know you are injured at work until you tell them.  That is notice.  You can provide notice of injury to your employer either verbally or through writing.  Either method is sufficient.  However, I always recommend…

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PA Unemployment rate rises .2 points

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate increased a slit .2 points.  The increase raises the unemployment rate from July of 7.9% to August 8.1%. Here are the unemployment rate numbers for the areas we serve. Adams County, Pennsylvania:  6.8% Cumberland County, Pennsylvania:  6.8% Franklin County, Pennsylvania:  6.9% York County, Pennsylvania:  8.0% Harrisburg-Carlisle Metro Combined Area:  7.4% Visit us online at

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