5 things to NOT DO when you are injured at work

Today, I will go over 5 things you should NOT DO when you are injured at work. Pennsylvania workers compensation cases can be quite complex and messy. Don’t contribute to making a mess in your case.

  1. DON’T suck it up! You know, I hear it often from injured workers. They get hurt on the job, then just keep working through the pain, sometimes for days, before reporting the injury or treating for the injury. That is the wrong thing to do. It makes cases messy and will likely lead to a Notice of Workers Compensation Denial in your case. It is a simple rule. When you get hurt at work, report the injury IMMEDIATELY to your supervisor. Then ask for an incident report. Ask for medical treatment. That way there is a clear record of the injury right at the time it takes place. Waiting a few days to treat or report the injury does not sink your case, but it certainly makes it messier.
  2. DON’T exaggerate details of how you got hurt. Accidents happen. Just explain exactly what happened. Exaggerating details, such as how much you were lifting, or where you were when the injury occurred, or how much repetitive activity you did, etc . . . can do much harm to an otherwise credible case. There is nothing worse than having a case where the description of how the injury occurred differs from medical report to medical report, from testimony, from recorded statements. It can lead to a denial of your claim and can lead a Workers Comp Judge to find you not credible. Just state the truth and the facts of how you got hurt. It is that simple.
  3. DON’T delay medical treatment. Delaying medical treatment after the occurrence of a work injury raises suspicion. It will likely lead to a denial in your case. Even more so, delaying medical treatment delays a diagnosis. That can cause you have more damage by not having your injury treated right away. I get it. No one is a fan of going to the doctor. However, when you are hurt at work, it is critical to determine the extent of the injury and to get the injury documented in a medical report.
  4. DON’T lie about your condition. What do I mean by that? Let me use a real case example. I had a guy that was injured at work. He injured his left knee. When he went to the doctor and told the doctor is was not work-related and that it just started hurting. He did that because he feared that if he reported it as work-related, he would lose his job. Later, he needs to claim it as a work injury. That presents a difficult situation for proving his claim. The earliest medical record with the treating doctor indicates not work-related. It is hard to overcome hat you say to your doctor that is now printed in the medical records. Do not fear losing your job. An employer can be held separately liable outside the Workers Compensation Act for firing an employee for reporting a work injury. Second, later when you need and want to report it as a work injury, you will have already done significant harm to your case. Just tell the truth. Just tell the truth. Additionally, if your treating doctor asks you if you ever had any pre–existing condition such as prior pain in the area you injured, do not lie. Be honest and upfront. Aggravation of a pre-existing condition is a work injury. Lying about it though can also do significant harm to your case. Just be hones. Furthermore, if you treated for pain prior tot he work injury for the same area, the insurance carrier will find out. They do subpoena your medical records. They will find out.
  5. DON’T sign forms or documents you do not understand. You could be signing a form that states the injury is not work-related. That form will be entered as an Exhibit in your case. It is best just to call Mooney Law right when you get hurt so we can advise and protect your rights and benefits.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.