Billboards don’t tell you the whole picture on a Workers’ Comp Settlement

Recently I traveled down to South Carolina. I drove down through Interstate 95. Let’s not talk about the traffic. That was too frustrating. Let’s talk about what I saw heading south through Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

What did I see? I saw tons of billboards. Some of those billboards were Personal Injury firms. What these billboards had in common was a theme of large settlements. A theme of case values. A theme of we are the best and we collect high settlements. A theme of pounding our chests because we are great.

What was missing? What did I not see on these billboards? What did no personal injury firm from the Maryland border to the South Carolina border ever mention? Not even once. What was noticeably absent for someone like me, an experienced, trusted, and proven workers’ comp attorney in Pennsylvania and Maryland?

What was missing was the theme of what was in the ‘BEST INTEREST’ of the client. Sure, my firm has advertising that talks about large settlements. We all do. However, if you pay attention to overall Mooney Law advertising and blog articles I write here and on Mooney Law blog, I also talk candidly about the BEST INTEREST of the client. I talk to my clients about that often. When I meet with a new client for the first time, I will not talk about case value. I will not talk about settlement. Why? Because I have to determine what is in your best interest, now, next month, in a few months, and next year. Settlement may not be in your best interest. It is a candid conversation about your individual situation. It HAS TO BE. Why? Because you are the injured person, it is your future, it is your case, and it is your decision. But, how can you make that decision if you do not have a discussion about what is in YOUR BEST INTEREST. There is no need to feel pressure. If you do feel pressure, then are you with the wrong law firm?

Personal injury only firms want the quick fee. They want you in and out quickly. However, that is not in your best interest. Well, that is the Mooney Law difference. We represent people in workers’ compensation, auto accidents, and social security disability. Just like them. BUT, the difference is, we also represent clients in criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, and estates. In other words, we want to be YOUR firm for life, no matter your legal need. So YOUR best interest is extremely important to me.

Furthermore, I am a litigator. I am not afraid, apprehensive, or nervous about going to decision in front of a Workers Comp Judge. I do it all the time. It is about you, and you only. I have discussed important factors in settling your claim here. I have discussed that once you settle your workers comp case, it is over and can never be reopened. That is critical. That is why it is important to you to make sure you have effective legal representation.

Call me. Talk to me. We will discuss your case. I can assure you one thing you will never get from me is pressure to settle your case. I only settle my client’s case if it is in their best interest, after discussion of your best interest, and after answering your questions. For more information on Pennsylvania workers’ compensation settlements, read our FAQs here.  Call today for an absolutely free consultation. Let’s talk. Call 717-200-HELP or 717-632-4656 for a free consult. Email our firm at to schedule a free consult.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.