Injured Workers Should Be Aware of Settlement Offers

It is that time.  With 2018 on the horizon, businesses are trying to get some loose ends tied up before the calendar turns.  Workers compensation insurance carriers are the same way.   They like to close out as many claims as possible to not carry them into the next year.  That means you may get an offer to settle your workers […]

Can I receive unemployment after settling my workers’ comp? Part II

You may remember that we addressed this issue in July 2014.  If not, you can read that article here. The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has handed down a new case on March 9, 2016.  So has this changed the legal ground with reference to the settlement of a workers’ compensation case and subsequent entitlement to unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania?  The answer, […]

Offered a workers compensation settlement? Now what?

From time to time, I get calls from prospective clients because they received a workers compensation settlement offer to end their workers compensation claim.  The prospective client received the offer directly from the insurance carrier adjuster.  The adjuster insists the claim is fair and reasonable.  The question I am always asked is — So now what? First, talk to an […]

Can I receive Unemployment after Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania?

Settling a workers’ compensation case can be very frightening for an injured worker.  When is the right time?  What happens to my medical benefits?  What if my condition worsens?  What about outstanding medical bills? Another question frequently asked centers around unemployment compensation.   Can an injured worker who settles his/her workers compensation claim receive unemployment compensation after settlement.  The answer […]