Top 7 Reasons to Hire a PA Workers Comp Lawyer

This article addresses the top 7 reasons to hire a Workers Comp Lawyer in Pennsylvania.  There are many more reasons to do so, but we provide these top 7 reasons.  If any of these top 7 reasons to hire a Pennsylvania Workers Comp Lawyer apply to you, call Mooney Law today for a FREE consultation.

Your Workers Comp claim has been denied

If you receive a Notice of Compensation Denial or you have been advised your claim is denied, you need to seek an attorney immediately.  Benefits you may be entitled to under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act are too important.  You will need to file a claim petition and litigate the claim before a  Workers Compensation Judge.  That litigation will include your testimony, employer witness testimony, and submission of medical evidence, which in many cases, includes taking the deposition of your doctor.  Count on Mooney Law to litigate your claim.  We have a full litigation practice that isn’t just made up of fancy billboards and TV ads, but professional,  proven and trusted representation.

Trouble with your employer

If you begin having trouble with your employer because you were injured at work, you need to Call Mooney Law right away.  Many injured workers experience a dramatic change in the relationship with their employer and supervisors after reporting a work injury.  Protect your rights and benefits by Counting on Mooney Law.

Your receive notice of an IME

If you receive notification that you have been scheduled for an ‘independent medical examination’, you need to call Mooney Law right away.  The scheduling of an IME many times is the beginning of hostile action by the workers compensation insurance carrier against your workers compensation claim.  Learn more about IME exams.

Mention of pre-existing conditions

Perhaps your boss, human resources, or the workers compensation insurance carrier mentions to you about a pre-existing condition, such as arthritis.  Perhaps an X-Ray or MRI showed the existence of arthritis, even though you had no idea, because you did not experience any symptoms.  It’s common.  As we age, we develop arthritis.  Many times, we are unaware because we do not experience any symptoms.  However, insurance carriers latch on to that.  You can read more about pre-existing conditions and workers compensation right here.  Call Mooney Law right away.

Out of work and not getting paid

If your claim is denied and you are out of work, you will not receive wage loss benefits.  You have to fight for them.  Pennsylvania also has a limited acceptance, where the insurance carrier accepts the claims as a medical only, meaning they will pay medical bills, but they dispute wage loss.  Being out of work with no wage loss benefits can be financially crippling.  Call Mooney Law today to fight and protect your entitlement to wage loss benefits.

You may want to settle your case

Perhaps you are tired of workers comp.  Perhaps you just wish to settle and move on.  Perhaps the insurance carrier has contacted you about settlement.  If you wish to settle your claim, call Mooney Law today so you can be assured you will get the maximum, reasonable settlement for you.   We have settled hundreds of cases and collected tens of millions of dollars for our clients.  Rely on Mooney Law for proven, effective, and trusted representation.   What factors should you consider when settling your claim?  Learn more here.  What is your case worth?  Find out for free.  Call Mooney Law today for a free consultation.

Complexity of workers compensation

Workers compensation is a complex area of law.  There are many forms to understand.  There are many deadlines that need to be met.  There is full litigation that includes testimony, employer witness testimony, and depositions of your doctor and the IME doctor.  There are burdens of proof to meet to win your case.  There are procedures that must be adhered to in litigation.  Medical conditions can be quite complex.  Litigation can be expensive.  Don’t rely on an inexperienced attorney to litigate your claim.  At Mooney law, we have fought for and collected tens of millions of dollars in benefits for injured workers throughout Pennsylvania.  We have attorneys recognized in the exclusive Super Lawyers and Rising Stars of Pennsylvania.  We know and understand workers compensation.  Rely on Mooney Law for results, proven experience, and trusted representation.

If you have been hurt on the job, no need to go it alone.  Call Mooney Law today for a FREE consultation.  We have 14 offices scattered throughout Central Pennsylvania.  Call us today at 833-MOONEYLAW or 717-200-HELP.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.