The Six Common Warehouse Work Injuries We See

South Central Pennsylvania is one of the fastest booming areas in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, especially in warehouses.  In fact, several of the counties that we serve are listed among the Top 15 in Pennsylvania for population growth from 2010 to 2014.  Those counties are:  Cumberland (1st), Lancaster (4th), Franklin (6th), and Dauphin (15th).  That leads to jobs, but also to common warehouse injuries.

Warehouse Injury
Common warehouse injuries in Pennsylvania

Warehousing Growth in Central Pennsylvania

A large part of the growth that has occurred in Central Pennsylvania can be directly attributed to the warehousing and manufacturing development along the interstate 81 Corridor, from Greencastle, PA up through Dauphin County.  We’ve seen a recent boom, such as the development of Food Lion Distribution and World Kitchen in Greencastle, Chambersburg area warehouse development,  which includes, Target, Ulta, K Mart, and Staples, new warehouses in Shippensburg, which includes, Procter & Gamble and Georgia Pacific, newer warehouses in Carlisle, which includes, Giant Foods, Ross Distribution, AMES distribution, Office Depot, Ryder, Amazon,  OHL, and Lindt Chocolate.  Those are just a few. These warehouse operations employ many people through South Central Pennsylvania.  Additionally, there is more warehousing growth set for Carlisle (Exit 44 off I-81) and Shippensburg (Exit 24 and 29 off I-81).    (more…)

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Pennsylvania Employee injured while running in parking lot not granted workers’ compensation

There are cases now and then that involve the argument of 'course and scope', meaning, did the injury occur in the course and scope of employment.  Over the years, Pennsylvania Courts have reduced gray areas of the law involving course and scope arguments.  Recently, the Commonwealth Court issued an opinion, in Quality Bicycle Products v. WCAB (Shaw), No. 1570 C.D. 2015 (Cmwlth Ct., 2016), further defining the elements of the course and scope test. In Quality Bicycle Products, a Claimant…

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Franklin County PA booming with jobs

Franklin County, Pennsylvania has a booming economy.  The article from WHTM states the economy in Franklin County has added 1200 jobs in 12 months. ABC27 News reported in the past how Cumberland County is the fastest growing county in the state. Franklin County is also seeing increased numbers and is sixth on the list. You can see it with the construction along the Interstate 81 Corridor.  A new warehouse  facility is under construction in Cumberland County off the Exit 44…

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Clarifying the Social Security cuts coming on April 29

You may start to see headlines pop up, such as this article, about millions of Americans being affected by Social Security cuts that are looming at the end of April.  It may stroke fear in you, as a current Social Security recipient. No need to worry. Let me explain. The cuts that are coming are closing an unintended loophole within the Social Security Act that allowed for a method of obtaining benefits through what was called 'file and suspend'.  Essentially,…

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Harrisburg plumbing company fined by OSHA

A Harrisburg area plumbing company, Williamson Plumbing, has been fined by OSHA for safety violations after a workers was injured while working in a trench.  The injury was caused by a trench collapse, which trapped the injured worker and caused the injured worker to have to be hospitalized. After investigating, OSHA issued citations for what it called “one willful, six serious and one other-than-serious violations.” The agency also issued citations to the company for failing to: – keep excavated materials…

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Can I receive unemployment after settling my workers’ comp? Part II

You may remember that we addressed this issue in July 2014.  If not, you can read that article here. The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has handed down a new case on March 9, 2016.  So has this changed the legal ground with reference to the settlement of a workers' compensation case and subsequent entitlement to unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania?  The answer, no, not really. As we stated in our previous post, Lee v. UCBR set the standard in cases where a…

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