Torcomp bringing jobs to Chambersburg

TorComp, a Brazilian company, will be breaking ground on a new facility in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  The new facility is expected to bring 73 new manufacturing jobs to Chambersburg.  The facility will be built in the Cumberland Valley Business Park at Letterkenny. The new facility makes sense for TorComp to come to Chambersburg.  They are a major supplied for Volvo Construction Equipment.  Volvo's North American Corporate headquarter and major manufacturing facility is base din Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. The initial announcement came from…

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Workers Compensation Judge Changes in Central Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Depart of Labor & Industry and the Workers Compensation Office of Adjudication has announced new Workers Compensation Judge appointments and changes in locations for some judges, some of which involve workers compensation practice in Central Pennsylvania.  Mooney & Associates represents injured workers are the following hearing locations:  Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, York, and Lancaster.  Some of the changes announced by the Department effect these hearing locations. Here are those changes: Harrisburg welcomes a new Judge.  We welcome Honorable Jeffrey…

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Camp Hill Walmart hiring 200

A new Walmart opening in Camp Hill, PA is hiring 200 employees.  If interested, you can apply at the temporary location for hiring located at Hartzdale Drive, Suite 110. Applications will be accepted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The store will be hiring both full and part time positions. For more information, click the Walmart link here.  

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PA Uninsured Fund Held to Same Standard by Commonwealth Court

To give some background information, the Pennsylvania Uninsured Guaranty Fund was enacted into law to protect employees injured at work and the employer is uninsured.  It is a separate fund set up under the Pennsylvania Treasury.  Essentially, when an Employer is uninsured, the UEGF steps in and acts as the Employer's insurance carrier, although,. the Fund and the Employer often have quite different interests.  Often times, I see these type of cases where there is a dispute whether an injured…

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Carlisle Gingerbread Man server seriously injured

Often when you think of workers compensation, you think of lifting injuries, in which an injured worker hurts his/her back, neck, or shoulder when lifting a heavy item.  Or you think of slip and falls at work, whether it be on ice and snow or on oil or some type of moisture on the ground.  Of you hear about forklift accidents.  Or you hear about nursing assistants in nursing homes getting injured when trying to lift a patients or save…

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Repetitive Work Injuries are real and compensable

Some of my clients heard from friends that they can't get workers compensation benefits for their injury, because there was no specific event.  What we mean by a specific event is an injury that occurs when something specific happens at work  --- you slip and fall at work, you lift something and experience immediate pain, you get hit by a forklift, you are assaulted by a patient.  Those are specific injuries. However, there are also repetitive injuries.  These type of…

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Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation — Be aware!

Recently I had a client that settled her workers' compensation claim for a lump sum amount of money.   The Attorney that she used for her workers' compensation settlement, which WAS NOT Mooney & Associates, failed to draft the agreement with specific social security disability offset language.  Subsequently, she received an award of social security disability benefits.  However, she soon found out her monthly benefits would be greatly reduced for a period of two years.  This can have devastating effect…

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