Carlisle Gingerbread Man server seriously injured

Often when you think of workers compensation, you think of lifting injuries, in which an injured worker hurts his/her back, neck, or shoulder when lifting a heavy item.  Or you think of slip and falls at work, whether it be on ice and snow or on oil or some type of moisture on the ground.  Of you hear about forklift accidents.  Or you hear about nursing assistants in nursing homes getting injured when trying to lift a patients or save a patients from falling.  Yes, those are typical injuries we see often.

Once in awhile, you hear about a work injury in the news that is unfortunate  and serious.  Such is the case over the weekend at the Gingerbread Man in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.   A restaurant server suffered sever injuries to her face after being assaulted by a customer of the G-Man.  These type of injuries are so uncalled for and unfortunate.  Please link over tot he article.  If you know or have seen this person, please contact Carlisle police right away.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.