When you are injured at work, details do matter

When you are injured at work, my advice to you is to provide details you know and remember.  This advice applies to both the description of injury and the extent of injuries.  Let me explain what I mean in both these facets.

More than likely, when you are injured on the job, you are going to be asked to complete a report or provide a written statement.  It is important to describe how you became injured in a clear and concise manner.  For instance, a good way to describe how an individual became injured would be, “I was lifting a box on the line.  The box was around 50 pounds.  When I lifted it, I felt a sharp pain in my back.”  Or, “when I lifted the box up, I had to twist to place the box on the shelf above, and when I twisted, I felt immediate pain in my right knee.”   These are effective ways of describing what you were doing when you became injured.  Another good idea to document your injury is to write it down.  Record exactly what you were doing when you got hurt and the pain you felt and who you reported the injury to.  That way you can remember the details later when questioned about the injury.

Additionally, it is important to tell you employer about the extent of your injuries.  It is also important to write that down as well.  For instance, I have had clients that suffer multiple injuries, such as, injuring their back and knee at the same time.  At the moment of the injury, the knee is most painful and is the overriding concern because of the pain level, although the low back does hurt.  Down the road, the back injury does not improve, and perhaps even worsens.  However, the workers compensation insurance carrier is not denying coverage for your back, because it was not initially reported.  Furthermore, your own doctor that is treating you for your work injury will not treat you for the low back injury, because it is not part of the workers compensation claim or part of the accepted work injury.  It happens often.    That is precisely why it is absolutely critical that you initially report all injuries, no matter how minor at the time.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.